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  1. Easter weekend

When:April 19–22, 2019.  (from Good Friday to Easter Monday)
Where: Bratislava City Center and beyond.
Did you know we have Easter markets where you can taste all the traditional food of this holiday season?  There’s also a giant decorative Easter egg in front of the Historical Building of the Slovak National Theater.
Because of the holidays, some museums and galleries might be closed. So here are some suggestions:
On Good Friday and Easter Monday, you can visit Devin Castle and the unique Danubiana Meulensteen Modern Art Museum, both on the Danube river. Both places are open from Good Friday through Easter Monday, and easy to get to by bus (about 30 minutes from the historic center). You can also go to the Danubiana Museum by boat on Saturday or Sunday,
On Good Fridaythe Nedbalka Private Gallery is open.
On Saturday and Easter Sundaythere will be a special Easter Express bus that will take you to explore the Small Carpathian Region (lovely hilly area close to Bratislava) It costs just 4€, and includes an English speaking guide. Why go?  See the historic Red Castle, have lunch, wine tasting and other possibilities.  These will cost extra. Check on If you want to stay in Bratislava on Saturday and Easter Sunday – all museums and galleries are opened these days, including Bratislava Castle and Devin Castle. Enjoy this time in Slovakia capital city!

  1. St. George’s Day/Bratislava City Days

When:April 27-28, 2019.
Where: City Center Saturday and Sunday,
The city of Bratislava actually has 6 patron saints, but the big celebration is for St. George.  This is a fun-filled weekend full of lots of things to do, and most are free. There will be several markets in the city center, free guided tours, free rides on the historic street car (almost 100 years old).  You might be able to get a free ticket for the Danube city cruise (ask before the celebration at the city information point). Most city museums should be for free; you can check at You can even visit the offices of our new mayor – he is just 38 years old and an architect and musician. Exciting times for Bratislava!

  1. Ice Hockey World Championship

When:May 10-26, 2019.
Where:Ondrej Nepela Stadium, Bratislava
The two most popular sports in Slovakia are ice hockey and football (soccer for you Americans!) The Ice Hockey Championship www.iihf.comis held simultaneously in our two biggest cities: Bratislava and Košice, which is about 4 hours by car or 5 hours by train, in the eastern part of Slovakia. Going to see the championship games is perfect excuse not only to enjoy hockey, but also to get acquainted with the culture and history of both cities. Košice was one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2013.
On top of this the weather in Bratislava is usually nice and trees are blossoming


  1. Bratislava Coronation Days

When:June 24-30 2019
Where:Bratislava Historical Center
For 300 years Bratislava – which under the Habsburg Empire was called “Pressburg” – served as the coronation city of Hungarian kings and queens. The famous Queen Maria Theresa was crowned in Bratislava in 1741, which marked the beginning of Bratislava’s “golden age”.  This year we celebrate the coronation of Maximillian II, who was crowned King of Hungary in 1563. Locals and visitors can see the ritual of coronation and participate in the coronation cortege. There are also special cultural events, performances, concerts and other activities connected to the Bratislava coronation festivities

  1. Summer Cultural Festival

When:June-September 2019
Where:Bratislava city
During July and August all theaters are closed, but there is plenty to see because of the Summer Cultural Festival. It is the biggest and longest cultural festival in the city. The Main Square will host the music festival, the Cathedral of St Martin will host the organ festival, Devin Castle hosts the knights’ tournament. Check all the other goings-on at

  1. Slovak Food Festival

When:September 6-8, 2019.
Where:Bratislava Castle area
It is the biggest picnic in the city! There are always lots of kiosks offering a great selection of good food outdoors on Castle Hill, overlooking the      historical part of Bratislava. Besides local and international food and drinks, there  will be presentations on food, food shows, entertainment, competitions and much more.  More on

7. Bratislava Music Festival

When:September 23-October 13, 2019.
Where:Slovak Philharmonic, Bratislava historic center.
2019 will be the 55thyear of this prestigious classical music festival, where orchestras, conductors and soloists from around the world perform. If you love classical music, you won’t want to miss this event. Some of last year’s highlights:  the St. Petersburg State Capella Choir, opera singer Magdalena Kožená, Quasars Ensemble, Mozarteum Orchester (Salzburg), and the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra. Check on www.bhsfestival.skor

  1. White Night Light Festival

When:Saturday September 28, 2019.
Where:Historical center and beyond
This festival of lights goes beyond the visual arts. You’ll hear music, concerts, see theatrical performances and movies, hear literature being read and much more. The festival takes place in dozens of places inside and outside buildings, on the streets and squares of the city. It takes place on just one night, but you won’t want to miss a minute. First get a map to decide where to start. Check this Bratislava top attraction on

  1. Biostyle a EsotericInternational Fair

When: October 3-5, 2019.
Where: Bratislava Incheba expo grounds
For anyone interested in healthy eating, balancing your life, slowing down, developing your spirituality, and learning about alternative treatments, this is the fair for you. The Incheba expo grounds are within walking distance from the historical centre – about 15 minutes from the Cathedral of the St. Martin.  Check on

  1. Christmas Market

When: November 23-December 22, 2019
Where: Historical center and nearby squares: Main Square, Courtyard of the City Hall, and also other places. Christmas makes the city magical. Booths are the colors of Bratislava’s flag: red and white. You’ll find traditional holiday food, beverages, handicrafts, and gifts, as well as enjoy musical and religious activities and events too. Check out


Bratislava Castle – why visit?

– The views! The castle is perched on a rocky hill that provides fantastic views of both the Danube River and the city. It’s a view that has no equal in any other city along the Danube. From the castle you can see both the historic Old Town – and the new city, characterized by the Soviet-era housing blocks of the Petržalka district.

– From here you can see two neighboring countries: Austria (to the right, just 2 miles from the border) and Hungary (to the left, about 9 miles).

– It is one of the must-see Bratislava attractions, even if you are only on a day trip from Vienna or Budapest.

– You can visit the castle grounds for free (see below for why this is cool) Keep Reading

Bratislava things to do: Quirky small museums

Arthur Fleischmann Museum – why visit?

– It’s small – an entrance hall and just two rooms – conveniently situated in a 16th century  Renaissance building, once  owned by  his  family, in the center of the Bratislava Old Town. The admission ticket is just 3 Euro.  All you need is to walk one minute from the Main Square to the Biela street and climb 15 wooden stairs to get on the 1st floor, where the  museum is located. This unique place is also an excellent choice during your day trip from Vienna, or your day trip from Budapest.

– Arthur Fleischmann (1896-1990) was a fascinating man and sculptor, who worked in a wide variety of media and whose work reflected the many places he lived– Central Europe, South Africa, Bali, Australia, and finally England, where he married and stayed for the last 40 years of his life. Keep Reading